Key Solutions

The solutions that we offer vary from B2B, B2C and application and database administrations. We can demo our application portfolio if a need arise. Also on demand we can send the white papers to our customers on our solutions portfolio.


i.Automated Business Process:

With our experiences in various industries, we have developed in-house applications. Our applications will automate business processes and increase revenue. We have the solutions developed for various vertical as such logistics, investment and finance. We also have solutions for infrastructure management and application/database management which will increase the efficiency of IT services of our customers.


ii. Custom Products:

Per the requirement from various customers, we have customised the applications and databases for them. We also have prototype of custom applications for various sectors as such retail, logistics and media. We are partnered with Arcivate Ltd in UK to provide solutions to our customers in various sectors.

iii. ERP Solutions:

We have expertise in customising ERP solutions like Oracle EBusiness Suite, SAP and Microsoft Dynamix. We also have skillset in where our salesforce certified consultants have helped many of our customers to customise their applications in platform. Our expertise in functional and technical areas for finance, supply chain, human resource and CRM enable us to understand customer requirements and customise the ERP applications as and where required.

iv. Web Solutions:

We have helped our customers to develop and manage their company web sites with many dynamic features that enrich the web sites to generate more business. We have expertise in niche web technologies which help us to provide web solutions. Our expertise in global marketing helps us to design fit for purpose web solutions for our customers. We are happy to share our portfolio to our customers on demand.

v. Portal Solutions:

We have expertise in developing portal solutions with Microsoft and Oracle technologies. We help our customers to customise their portals and develop end-to-end cost effective custom portals with industry standard open sources. We are happy to share our portfolio to our customers on demand.

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